Helpful tips to score high in Jamb 2023

Your ability to apply all the principles you have learnt comes first. Reading my guide on how to score high in Jamb comes second.

Scoring high in JAMB is very necessary for a candidate to successfully gain admission into any University in Nigeria. Lots of things and effort channelled in the right way are required on the candidate’s part to be able to score at least 280, 300 or even 350 in JAMB. If you are ready for that then this post is here to help you as a JAMB Aspirant who wants to write JAMB successfully.

In this article, I will give you the guide to scoring 350+ in your Jamb examination. I would have loved to continue writing a series of stories. However, I don’t consider them necessary now.

How To Score 320 In Jamb UTME 2023


Somebody will ask “what is the need of studying before I begin to practice past questions? “, Well…this is my answer;

Reading is one of the most effective JAMB expo ways to study (prepare) for jamb which requires one to carefully study all the required topics that featured in all the subject combinations for his/her desired course before making use of any past question.

This way, One is able to completely have a knowledge in all the required topics and the main point that was discussed on the topics before moving over to using past questions.

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  1. Understand What has changed in Jamb

Ever since the introduction of jamb cbt, a lot of things have changed. This ranges from the introduction of CCTV cameras to the use of pin vending systems and many more.

A question comes to mind, how do I pass Jamb despite the changes and measures to make the examination strict? You can do that. Understand that Jamb is not after your failure; They just want the exam to be fair for everyone.

As you prepare to sit for Jamb, remove your mind from any form of malpractice or Jamb expo. It doesn’t work (not anymore).

  1. Mental preparation

What you are not prepared for, you are not qualified for. Before writing Jamb, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. The two are different things but they work together.

  1. Study past questions

This method of Jamb preparation is also very effective for some sets of people and has helped a lot of them to score high in Jamb as it involves Studying Jamb Past Questions or Jamb CBT enabled Applications or software.

Jamb past questions can make you pass Jamb with lesser effort. The joint admission and matriculation board do not have new questions to set. They re-package the old ones in a way you will not suspect. The use of past questions will reveal this to you. However, not everyone knows how to effectively use Jamb past questions and Maximise their time.

If you successfully applied this method effectively, I assure you of a very high Jamb score this coming year and also as you share this post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to show that you still want others to get the information and pass.

Do you have any other method that you think will work well also? Comment it down below and help others.